The first fashion collection that NANA’E’EL by Nanaaleo proposes, presented to the public for the first time during AltaRomaModa 2011, is called “Clotherapy”, dressing therapy.
The clothes we wear do not only reflect outer beauty, but acquire a much deeper meaning which permeates the clothes themselves.

In a historical moment in which each day we need to take stock of environmental problems, the pollution of the planet and our health, we cannot not consider every aspect of our society, in view of a vital change for nature and for ourselves. It is for this reason that this collection is based on a careful choice of fabrics and colors, all organic, ecological and natural.

This is certainly not the first time that ecology and organic are talked of in the fashion industry, but I believe that awareness regarding this topic should be spread, as we spend most of our time dressed! How would we react if we knew that the fabrics we wear come from petroleum, and that the dyes used for the clothes that are in contact with our skin, contain nickel, other heavy metals and toxic substances? This century is the century of allergies and intolerances, have we asked ourselves why? Because everything that we come into contact with, from the air we breathe to what we eat, to the cosmetics we use daily contain substances which are toxic for our organism. Clothing should not be excluded from this list and finally, scientific studies too are ever increasing regarding this issue, viewing clothing as yet another possible cause for intoxication.

The effect that clothing can have on a person is much deeper than what one would often think.

NANA’E’EL by Nanaaleo proposes a fun and colorful way of dressing to women, to feel better in their clothes, knowing that the energy that they emanate, not only is not harmful, but instead helpful! That a dress is not the most superficial thing that we show, but is profound and alive, even more so when it blends with our being.