Ivana Pantaleo

“There is nothing more profound than that which appears on the surface”

A fashion designer’s task is essential for me. It should not only be an outlet for one’s creativity, nor a competition to see who can come up with the most original product..

But as in all lines of work that have a large audience and that have a great influence on it, a fashion designer has a large responsibility and his or her job should really be useful and functional, as has been the case in certain moments of history.

Nana’e'el by Nanaaleo is born in order for the dress to be a sign of self-awareness and a reflection of beauty, of a joy for life, of health and of harmony.

NANA’E’EL is the name of the guardian Angel who protects those born on my birthday. It is to him that I owe what I am doing, he is my inspiration.

NANAALEO is the name I called myself when I was one year old, so may the child in all of us always remain alive.

Ivana Pantaleo graduated with honors from the Department of Humanities at La Sapienza University in Rome, in Arts and Communication, specializing in theatre , with a thesis about the relationship between theatre and medicine. She holds a diploma as a fashion designer from the C.I.A.M.S. in Rome, where she also attends the course for model-making and dressmaking. She holds a diploma from the Shiatsu School MI ZAI in Bari where she also continues her research on the human being, also in a therapeutic light. She studies holistic disciplines. She has studied acting, singing, dance and acrobatics with various Italian and foreign teachers.

 She has worked as a ballerina and as an actress winning national awards. Her hobbies are theatre costumes, tango, horseback riding and holistic disciplines. She holds theatre and acting workshops for children, adolescents and adults, using and refining her own training method.

She teaches relaxation techniques and stretching of the meridians following traditional Chinese medicine. Her latest performance of which she is the author, director and actress is TRITTICO DI LUCE.

She created the fashion label Nana’e`el by Nanaaleo and the Clothetherapy