As for dyes for the fabrics, I used ecological and natural ones. Often we don’t know if the dyes used for the marvelous materials which make up our clothes contain toxic substances for us and for the environment. Although at times we might be aware of this, we do not give it that much importance. It should receive importance though, as skin is our body’s largest organ, and therefore, also the most exposed. As through a filter, light, colour and the substances which make up our clothes easily transmit allergies and silently pollute our body via our skin. The dyes used in the collection are all either ecological or natural, obtained therefore from plant and flower extracts which at times give the clothes a not completely uniform appearance, but a much more natural one.

With respect to colours, always, in this “Clotherapy” project, my research is geared not only towards the type of colour used, but also towards which colour is used.

According to the principles of chromotherapy, each colour emits a different vibration. When these vibrations come into contact with our body they influence our energy and our aura, the energetic vibration which we put out. Often the colours we choose to wear correspond to the colour we like the most, which most resonates with our inner state in a particular moment: each colour is the mirror of our state of mind and of our deepest feelings, but often we should change it in order to feel better! Or otherwise we choose a colour because fashion makes suggestions for each season and we are almost obligated in our choices, forgetting about what we really need. Once upon a time common healers would tell their patients how to dress, which colors to wear as this would heavily influence their mind-body balance. My interest in natural and holistic medicine steer the project in this direction. Colour is essential, and knowing how it affects our organism is crucial. This knowledge is yet another form of awareness for the buyer, a real instrument for self-healing, when needed or simply, an amusing game!